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Issue 22/2017
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Page 112
Irène Hirt
This paper is a first step towards theorizing indigenous reterritorializations across the Americas through a relational and contextual approach of indigeneity and territory. I argue that struggles for land, territory and natural resources come with the decolonization of knowledge and representations. While these processes are expressed through the mapping of territory and the rewriting of history, they are also inducing an evolving relationship between indigenous peoples and researchers towards collaborative research practices.

Irène Hirt est docteure en géographie de l’Université de Genève, chercheure au CNRS (Laboratoire Passages, UMR 5319,
Université de Bordeaux-Montaigne, France).
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Maison des Suds, Esplanade des Antilles 12, Domaine universitaire, F-33607 Pessac-Cédex