TSANTSA Online Issue 27/2022 "Engaged Anthropology in and beyond Switzerland" published


With the current issue Engaged Anthropology in and beyond Switzerland (TSANTSA 27/2022), TSANTSA has published for the first time an online-only issue. With this project, the editorial team tests the potential of faster publication rates. For the editorial team, it increases the flexibility of the publication process, while authors and readers benefit from a more rapid availability of the contributions.

Furthermore, Engaged Anthropology in and beyond Switzerland is available not only in the pdf format, but also in the html format, which increases the issue's visibility. The editorial team would like to thank the Interface Commission as guest editors for embarking on this journey with us. Our publisher Seismo and the team of the online publication platform Bern Open Publishing at the University Library Bern supported us with their technical expertise. And finally, we are grateful for the financial support from the SAGW.

With this issue, we say farewell to the journal's current name. Since 1996, the journal of the Swiss Anthropological Association SEG-SSE has sailed under the name TSANTSA. Before this date, the journal's name was Ethnologica Helvetica. The next issue 28/2022 will be the first published under the journal's new name SJSCA—Swiss Journal of Sociocultural Anthropology.

This issue concludes also the term of Laura Affolter, David Loher, and Isabelle Zinn as coordinating editors of the journal. The new coordinating editors are Matthieu Bolay (Universität Bern), Filipe Calvão (Geneva Graduate Institute), and Joanna Menet (Université de Neuchâtel).