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Chère belle-sœur, procure-moi donc une épouse

Le rôle des femmes dans les stratégies matrimoniales de commerçants nord-indiens

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Véronique Pache Huber

Among the Maheshwari, a trading caste of Rajasthan (India), married women are considered by the members of their conjugal and paternal lineages to be particularly useful go-betweens in marriage arrangements. This article focuses on the figure of the sister-in-law (eBW) and reveals that she acts as a mediator between lineages, between the sexes and also, more recently, between generations. The analysis of her various roles throws light on recent transformations in the selection of spouses, and underlines the importance of love in arranged marriages.

Véronique Pache Huber est maîtreassistante à l'Institut d'ethnologie de l'Université de Fribourg. Ses recherches actuelles portent sur les commerçants indiens, la classe moyenne indienne, le mouvement associatif de caste et le mariage.