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Etre père sans femme

La paternité gay

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Anne Cadoret

When homosexual men want to become fathers, they are inevitably confronted with the necessity of establishing a relation with a woman, though no form of marriage is undertaken. Some of them argue for the necessary presence of this woman as the mother of their child, and chose co-parenting: in this case, the father and mother must find a way to balance the relations between their respective couples (the father and his companion, the mother and her companion) and the parental couple that they form. Others want no relationship with the woman, either for themselves or for the child, and have recourse to surrogate mothers. By refusing to consider it necessary that a child have a father and a mother, these couples force us to rethink gender relations and question the link between the binary man/woman pair and its hypothetical or real expression as the binary father/mother pair.

Anne Cadoret, chercheuse au CNRSGRASS (Groupe d'analyse du social et de la sociabilité) a publié plusieurs ouvrages et articles sur la construction de la filiation, dont: Parenté plurielle: anthropologie du placement familial (Paris: L'Harmattan, 1995) et «La filiation des anthropologues face à l'homoparentalité», in: Daniel BORILLO, Eric FASSIN et Marcela lAcuB (dir.), Au-delà du PaCS: l'expertise familiale à l'épreuve de l'homosexualité (Paris: PUF, 1999, p. 205-224).