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Le divorce comme rite de passage

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Gérard Salem, Francine Ferguson-Aebi

The theme of divorce as a rite of passage is the guiding thread for the reflections and questions raised by two specialists of couples and family therapy. Based on their clinical experience in this area, the authors examine suffering in marriage, the most frequent reason for soliciting therapy, along with the consequent phenomena of divorce and loneliness. Even if separation and divorce are sources of torment, they may nonetheless become the inevitable solution for a better quality of life. As the result of certain social changes, it would seem, the notion of the marriage contract has become too restrictive and is now giving way to private contracts, also loaded with heavy responsibilities for single individuals who search for criteria of justice in the emotional divisions of labor. This evolution coincides with the century of ego-psychology, related to new standards of wellbeing and new expectations, among which the blossoming of the individual through «true love». A few considerations on the consequences of these social mutations for children and families are discussed at the end of the article.

Gérard Salem, Psychiatre FMH, psychothérapeute, spécialiste en thérapie de famille systémique, enseignant à la Faculté de médecine de Lausanne et au Centre d'étude de la famille, auteur de L'approche thérapeutique de la famille (Paris: Masson, 3e éd. 2001).

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