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Wenn heiraten wieder politisch wird

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Barbara Waldis

The social phenomenon of binational marriage has taken on new meaning in the past twenty years as couples marry for increasingly political reasons. These new relationships are built not only on love arid friendship but also on exchangebased interests. Contrary to the findings of classical alliance theory, the social element of these new unions is not determined by the group but by the individuals involved. Thus, marriage becomes an act directed towards and with relevance for the larger community, be it national or local in scope. This article argues that binational love relationships can be understood as marriage networks which take a critical position with respect to national immigration policies and affirm interethnic solidarity on a global level. These two new functions for marriage constitute an increase in symbolic and material capital for the couple, reactualizing marriage as a contract without diminishing the importance of love and friendship.

Barbara Waldis, Dr.phil., Ethnologin. Schwerpunktthemen: binationale Paare, Migration.
Adresse: Institut d'ethnologie, Université de Neuchâtel, St-Nicolas 4, 2000 Neuchâtel.