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Trauma und Medikalisierung

Die Flüchtlingserfahrung in der Schweiz

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Corina Salis Gross

The psychiatric concept of trauma and a popularized discourse of traumatic memory are strongly emphasized in the fields of migration and health. The providers of primary health care and of psycho-social services along with lawmakers make extensive use of this «diagnosis ». This leads refugees to a) develop tactics of identifying with the traumadiscourse in order to become «good refugees» and to achieve legal recognition in Switzerland, b) struggle with the ascribed pathologies and suffer from retraumatizing effects of these predominant «diagnoses» of trauma, and c) try to refuse or subvert them through an emphasis on structural violence in the receiving countries. An analysis of the interactions of health providers and refugees show that they take place in an environment of mistrust and insecurity, putting at stake the moral economy of migration politics and of the refugee experience.

Corina Salis Gross lehrt und forscht am Institut für Ethnologie der Universität Bern. Ihre Arbeitsgebiete sind Medizinethnologie, Migration und Gesundheit, psychoanalytische Anthropologie sowie Altern und Tod. Zur Zeit schreibt sie an ihrer Habilitation zur gesundheitlichen Situation von MigrantInnen aus der Türkei.