Guest Editors

Silke Andris

Silke Andris leads research in the frame of the project Intangible Cultural Heritage: The Midas Touch? about the processes of valorisation and patrimonialization of the cultural practices and the implementation process of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Switzerland. In her habilitation Remix Cultures: Sampling the Fabric of Tradition, she analyzes the processes of sampling, transmission and performance in the field of global-local hip-hop dance practices. She is a scientific collaborator at the Seminaire of Culture Studies and European Ethnology of the University of Basel. She is lecturing on (audio)-visual anthropology, cultural heritage and performance studies and is involved in the organisation and teaching of ethnographic film summer schools.

Seminar für Kulturwissenschaft und Europäische Ethnologie, Universität Basel Spalenvorstadt 2, 4051 Basel

Florence Graezer Bideau

Florence Graezer Bideau is a Senior Lecturer and Senior Researcher (Maître d’enseignement et de recherche) at the College of Humanities and director of the Centre for Area and Cultural Studies, Swiss Federal Institute for Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). Trained as an anthropologist and sinologist she has conducted research in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Switzerland on popular culture, cultural politics, heritage processes and multiculturalism. She has recently published La danse du yangge. Culture et politique dans la Chine du XXe siècle (La Découverte 2012); co-edited (with Francine Saillant and Mond- her Kilani) The Lausanne Manifesto. For a Non-Hegemonic Anthropology (Liber 2011) and (with Julien Bondaz, Cyril Isnart and Anais Leblon) Les vocabulaires locaux du patrimoine. Variations, négociations et transformations (LIT Verlag 2014). She is cur- rently working on (In)tangible Cultural Heritage in Switzerland and on Historic Urban Landscape in China. Since 2013 she has been the director for the Minor in Area and Cultural Studies at the EPFL.

Centre for Area and Cultural Studies, College of Humanities, Swiss Federal Institute for Technology (EPFL) CM 2 273 Station 10, 1015 Lausanne


Caroline Bodolec

Caroline Bodolec, anthropologist, is a researcher at the CNRS at the Center for modern and contemporain China, UMR 8173 China, Korea, Japan in Paris. Her research interests focus on intangible cultural heritage in China and the adoption of the 2003 Convention by the chinese State.,

Centre d’études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine, UMR 8173 Chine, Corée, Japon 190-198 avenue de France, 75013 Paris

Theresa Beyer

Theresa Beyer is a doctoral student at the Musicology Institute, University of Bern. Her PhD project is about the construction of gender and homeland in the new swiss pop music.

Institut für Musikwissenschaft der Universität Bern Hallerstrasse 5, 3012 Bern

Maya Ishizawa

Maya Ishizaw is a Peruvian architect and Ph.D. candidate at the IGS Heritage Studies, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg in Germany. Her research addresses the implications of the conservation of cultural landscapes.

Internationale Graduate School Heritage Studies, Brandenburgische Technische Universität Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1, DE-03046 Cottbus

Julie Perrin

Julie Perrin is a teaching assistant at the Anthropology Institute, University of Neuchâtel. She is writing a doctoral thesis on the so-called « traditional » healingpractices in Switzerland.

Université de Neuchâtel, Institut d’ethnologie Rue Saint-Nicolas 4, CH-2000 Neuchâtel

Salvatore Bevilacqua

Salvatore Bevilacqua has graduated in Social Sciences, University of Lausanne. He is a scientific collaborator at the Institute of medecine and public health history in Lausanne. His current research is about different topics linking the process of (de)medicalization to the heritage practices and politics in the mediterranean area (food, trangender identities).

Institut universitaire d’histoire de la médecine et de la santé publique (IUHMSP) Avenue de Provence 82, CH-1007 Lausanne

Isolde de Villiers

Isolde de Villiers is a lecturer in Jurisprudence at the University of Pretoria. Her PhD project looks at the relationship between law and spatiality and specifically how it manifests in the urban space of Tshwane.

University of Pretoria, Faculty of Law, Department of Jurisprudence, Office 2-15 Hatfield, 0028 South Africa

Rita Kesselring

Rita Kesselring is a senior lecturer in Social Anthropology at the University of Basel. Her work concerns law, the body, memory, social change and methodology. Her regional focus lies in South Africa, Zambia and Southern Africa more generally.

Universität Basel, Ethnologisches Seminar Münsterplatz 19, 4051 Basel

Michel Koebel

Michel Koebel Michel Koebel is a Senior Lecturer in sociology at the University of Strasbourg, member of the resarch unit « Sport and social sciences ». His research deals with sociology of local political space in which associative sector may be one of the parts.

Université de Strasbourg, Unité de recherche «Sport et sciences sociales» (EA 1342) 14 rue René Descartes, 67084 Strasbourg

Hervé Munz

Hervé Munz is an assistant at the Anthropology Institute, University of Neuchâtel. In 2009, he has started his doctoral thesis about the watchmaking world. This work takes place in the frame of a collective and interdisciplinary project called « Intangible Cultural Heritage: the Midas Touch? ».

Institut d’ethnologie, Université de Neuchâtel Saint-Nicolas 4, 2000 Neuchâtel

Maëlle Meigniez

Maëlle Meigniez schreibt an einer Doktorarbeit im Bereich Sozialpolitik und ist Assistentin am Institut für Sozialwissenchaften der Universität Lausanne.

Université de Lausanne, Institut des sciences sociales Quartier UNIL-Mouline, Bâtiment Geopolis, 1015 Lausanne

Eva Nada

Eva Nada is a doctoral student at the University of Neuchâtel and scientific collaborator at the School of Social Work in Geneva. She is currently working on her thesis that is founded on economic ethnography and aims at showing the practical rationalities in youth unemployment management.

Université de Neuchâtel, Institut de sociologie Espace Louis-Agassiz 1, CH-2001 Neuchâtel

Maude Reitz

Maude Reitz is an assistant at the Laboratory of Urban Sociology (LaSUR) at the Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). She is preparing a doctoral thesis about the technical, social and spatial knowledge and « arts of doing » of the contemporary nomads in terms of habitat and mobility.

EPFL ENAC INTER LASURBP 2131, Station 16, 1015 Lausanne

Karin Renold

Karin Renold Karin renold studied ethnology and history at the University of Bern and is currently doctoral student at the School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester (UK).

University of Leicester, School of Museum Studies 19 University Rd, Leicester LE1 7RF, UK

Lara Bauer, Institut d’ethnologie, Neuchâtel
Cristina Ferreira, Unité de recherche de la Haute Ecole de santé Vaud (HESAV)
Eva Fischer, Institut für Sozialanthropologie, Universität Bern
Valérie Gorin, CERAH, Université de Genève
Sabine Kradolfer, Institut des sciences sociales, Université de Lausanne
Laurence Ossipow, HES-SO, Genève
Marc-Olivier Gonseth, Musée d'ethnographie de Neuchâtel
Heinz Käufeler, Ethnologisches Seminar Zürich