Issue 23

From experience to language

Towards an Affected and Affective Writing: A Conversation with Tim Ingold

Page 82
Claire Vionnet

Tim Ingold is Chair of Social Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen. He has carried out fi eldwork among Saami and Finnish people in Lapland, and has written on environment, technology and social organisation in the circumpolar North, on animals in human society, and on human ecology and evolutionary theory. His more recent work explores environmental perception and skilled practice. Ingold’s current interests lie on the interface between anthropology, archaeology, art and architecture. His recent books include The Perception of the Environment (2000), Lines (2007), Being Alive (2011), Making (2013) and The Life of Lines (2015).

Claire Vionnet has just written a PhD between dance studies, anthropology and contemporary dance with a scholarship of the SNF. Her writing is on the Swiss dance scene (2015), the working condition of companies (2016), the interpretation of plays (2017) and the collaboration between art and anthropology (2016). In her postdoc, she will explore the intimacy of the dancing body in a research-creation. She collaborates with the Dance Studies in Bern and the project KFI of Tim Ingold in Aberdeen. Spring 2018, she is affiliated as a junior fellow to the Walter Benjamin Kolleg at the University of Bern.