Once a year, the journal of the Swiss Ethnological Society, Tsantsa, offers guest editors the opportunity to coordinate a special issue on a particular topic. By taking up contemporary anthropological debates and approaches, these special issues illustrate the current state of research in various fields of the discipline. They provide researchers, students and other interested parties insight into present research questions in relation to specific topics.

In a first step, the handed in proposals for special issues are evaluated by the editorial commission. After that, the chosen guest editors are invited to join the commission and to coordinate the special issue. The call for paper (in French, German and English) is then widely distributed. The special issues usually consist of a thematic introduction written by the guest editors, which is followed by six to ten articles. All articles are subject to both an internal and external review process.

We kindly invite all interested scholars to hand in their proposals for special issues (in which the topical focus is outlined in detail) by mid-September at the latest. It is also possible to hand in issues that have already been completed as long as they include the following: a thematic introduction by the editors as well as a selection of articles (between eight and ten articles).